Our mission is to grow the finest oysters in Maine while also preserving the pristine waters of Casco Bay for future generations to enjoy

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the oyster

Our Love Points float in some of the cleanest, coldest water in the world and experience nearly constant wind and wave action, which naturally polishes and deepens their shells. The result is a beautiful, tide-tumbled oyster that brings the clean, salty taste of the Gulf of Maine to your table in a sustainable manner. 

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Love at first kiss

Craft Production

They say eating an oyster is like kissing the sea on the lips, so we grow our oysters with one goal in mind: love at first kiss!

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quality you can Trust

Want to know who is responsible for the world-class quality you will find in a Love Point?

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Visit the FARM

Want the freshest oysters possible? Want to learn how they are grown? Want an unforgettable ride around Casco Bay? Want to learn more about why aquaculture is the lowest impact way to produce animal protein in the world? If so, we'd love to have you on our boat and share our love for these bivalves.

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