we are serious about seeing the shell half full

The story of a farm raised oyster is an uplifting one

oysters are selfless

An adult oyster can filter up to fifty gallons of ocean per day, removing nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and other harmful stuff from the water column and helping other species to thrive. 

OYSTERS ARE resilient

An oyster can repair its own shell if it breaks. 

Oysters are

Put them in the water and they basically grow themselves, feeding off ambient phytoplankton. 

Oysters are adaptable

Did you know they can live outside of the water for months? And they can switch their gender based on the ratio of males and females in their vicinity. 

oysters embody A growth mindset

This is something we all should aspire to. For more information on Carol Dweck’s profound research, click here.

Oysters have a relentless work ethic

In fact, as long as the water temp is north of 40 degrees, they continuously filter and grow. Will Smith gets it. He's not afraid to die on a treadmill. Check this out.

This great article in Edible Maine captures many reasons why we started the farm. Check it out here