Love Point Oysters
Love Point Oysters
Grown in Maine, harvested with love.

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harvested with love


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Love Point Oysters, a boutique oyster farm in Harpswell, Maine, supplies world-class oysters for restaurants and the raw bar industry while celebrating the inherent good in life itself. Our hand-grown oysters tumble for two plus years in some of the cleanest, coldest water in the world. They never touch the bottom and are carefully culled, agitated, and grouped together to produce their characteristic deep cups and full meats. Our sustainable husbandry method ensures a reliable supply of oysters that are fresh and elaborate. Distinctively bright and briny with a balanced umami finish, Love Points are the choice for the most sophisticated palate.


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farm tours

Private visits to Love Point farm for oyster enthusiasts, restaurants, wholesalers, caterers, and wedding planners.


what people are saying

“Your oyster was the most popular on the menu tonight.” — Maine Oyster Company

“An unforgettable burst of bright, briny goodness.” — Oyster Enthusiast

“The presentation was incredible and this experience was amazing. We can’t wait to come back next summer. “ — Farm Tour Guest ‘18



Wedding packages

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