Harpswell, Maine



Our mission is to grow the finest oysters in Maine while also preserving the pristine waters of Casco Bay for future generations to enjoy.


what people are saying

“Your oyster was the most popular on the menu tonight.” — Maine Oyster Company

“A unforgettable burst of bright, briny goodness.” — Oyster Enthusiast

“Distinctively clean and elaborate on the half shell.” — Raw Bar

“One of the highlights of our wedding day.” — Newlyweds



Edible Maine — Love Point Oysters was featured in the summer 2018 issue.


Our Crew


our oyster

Location — Harpswell, Maine

Husbandry — Floating

Obtainability — May through November

Size — Medium (3.5 inches)

Shape — ample cup with full meat

On Half shell — elegant and clean

Flavor — bright and briny with rich umami finish